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How To Installation Weathering Steel Project

2020-12-15 08:58:04
Corrosion of welding points: The oxidation rate of welding points must be the same as that of weathering steel, which requires special welding materials and techniques. Although ordinary welding rod can also be normal welding weather resistant steel plate, and after welding will not have serious color difference, but the life of the weld will be far less than the life of weather steel plate, may also because the weld corrosion rate is too fast rust underwater pollution weather resistant steel plate. Therefore, attention should be paid to choose and weather - resistant toughening composition and strength matching special electrode. As for the corrosion of weathering steel, weathering steel is not stainless steel. If there is water in the low depression of weathering steel, the corrosion rate will be faster. It is necessary to pay attention to drainage treatment during construction. Weathering steels are sensitive to salt-rich air conditions, in which the surface coating may not prevent further internal oxidation. In the processing of weathering steel, the surface temperature of weathering steel workpiece is too high (more than 35 degrees) and too low (less than 5 degrees), high temperature exposure will have a bad impact on the rust effect, especially for the coating of rust fixing agent, to avoid the construction in the above circumstances.
Generally for the better overall effect, it is recommended to install the weathering steel plate before rust treatment. To avoid contamination (e.g. oil stains, fingerprints, etc.) or scratches on the rust layer during transportation and installation; Second, welding is usually used for installation, which will not only destroy the original rust layer, but also the place of the welding seam is not covered by the rust layer, so it looks very uncoordinated. But if the shape of weathering steel workpiece is very complex, it is difficult to carry out rust construction after installation or the site does not allow construction, you can consider rust before installation. But the premise is to rust after the first treatment, so there is no need to worry about pollution, and try to use the fastener installation or screw installation way, to avoid the problem of welding new welding seam.
Weathering steel installation is also very strict, for the workpiece rusty after installation, first on the facade is the rust of processing, can from the top down towards to etch, position of construction of the following should be taken: directly spray dose, began to gradually reduce from the top to the bottom basic does not need to spray (from above to promote rust agent, rust), otherwise the top prone to rust, appears at the bottom of the excessive corrosion.