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How to distinguish the quality of thick steel plate when buying thick steel plate

2020-08-03 16:14:45
I think everyone wants to buy a good steel plate when purchasing steel plates, so how can we see which one is better on the market? The master of the steel plate manufacturer will give you some guidance, and you will be able to pick out a good steel plate in a few minutes.
The surface of the counterfeit thick steel plate is prone to overlap. Overlap is a variety of curves produced by the surface of the thick steel plate. Such defects usually surround the vertical direction of all commodities. The reason for the overlap is that the fake and shoddy manufacturers are pursuing perfection, and the reduction is slightly larger, causing ears, which will cause overlap during the next cold rolling, and the overlapping commodity steel plates will crack after bending, and the compressive strength of the thick steel plate Greatly reduced. 
The surface of the fake thick steel plate often has surface pitting. The pitting on the surface is due to the serious damage of the rolling groove and the shortcomings of the curved surface of the thick steel plate. Because counterfeit and inferior steel plate manufacturers are pursuing perfect profits, there are often rolling grooves that exceed the standard. 
The counterfeit thick steel plate is very easy to scratch. The reason is that the equipment of the fake and inferior material manufacturers is simple, which is easy to cause burrs and scratch the surface of the thick steel plate. Deep scratches result in a reduction in the compressive strength of thick steel plates. 
The above is the trick that the steel plate market master gives you. If you want to know more about steel plate knowledge, come to Zherui Steel.