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Make First-class Bridges With First-class Bridge Steel Plates

2019-09-25 19:48:09
The promotion and application of high-performance bridge steel is inseparable from the stage in which a country's national economic development is located. The development of high-performance bridge steel in China is also the same. However, in light of China's specific national conditions, it has a vast territory, complex topography and landscape, numerous rivers and rivers, and strong infrastructure construction needs. With the rapid development of urban road traffic construction in recent years, the construction level of highway bridges, railway bridges, railway-rail bridges, urban viaducts and overpasses has been continuously improved, and places where bridges could not be built in the past are now also “turning through the sky”. Bridges such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge have also created many of the world's best. In addition, the “One Belt and One Road” brings more and more cooperation projects. The market demand will be a powerful driving force for the development and production of high-performance bridge steel. The development opportunity of high-performance bridge steel is gradually maturing. For example, the subway bridge from Beijing City to Daxing International Airport and the Yangshugang Yangtze River Bridge that has been built. Although the bridge steel used in these two projects is only Q345 steel grade, in addition to the GB/T714-2015 standard, the longitudinal tensile performance is required to meet the national standard requirements, and the delivery state is TMCP (thermo-mechanical control process). The ratio is less than or equal to 0.80. Third, the service environment contains a large number of bridge projects with severe weather such as salt or acid. It is necessary to use steel with special properties such as weathering steel and composite board (stainless steel and low steel grade bridge steel), such as Lalin Bridge, Guanting Lake Bridge, and Ping Tan Bridge and so on. In addition, Xiong Xiangjiang introduced that the bridge construction requires large span, large load, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, shock resistance, light weight, beautiful appearance, long service life, and adapt to the complicated and harsh service environment. Today, the use of high-performance bridge steel has reached a high proportion, and the most used are the Q345q and Q370q.