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The first large corridor bridge of inland river was successfully built in ShaGang

2019-09-04 14:02:40
With the smooth closure of the corridor bridge across Ergan River, it marks the successful erection of the largest single-weight and span corridor bridge in Shagang. When you come to the wharf, you can see the blue giant lying on the Ergan River, which is the main structure of the corridor bridge across the Ergan River. The completed corridor bridge will be used for the belt transportation of the new sintering machine in the eastern area of Shagang. The gallery bridge adopts the Warren triangular web structure with a total weight of about 1550 tons. The design span of the gallery bridge is 176 meters and the total length is 177.6 meters. Such a large span and heavy weight bridge body undoubtedly poses challenges and tests to the bridge manufacturing technology.