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High-strength steel and wear-resistant steel plate with large inventory

2019-10-24 15:44:07
Expanding high-efficiency production capacity is the key to the creation of high-strength steel and automotive steel brands. Accelerate the improvement of technology, technological progress and equipment upgrades, and strive to build the three most influential steel plate lines in China, and realize the transformation from ordinary carbon steel like excellent steel, and gradually build a high-end brand image of Angang products.
Angang's high-strength steel and Zheng coal signed a contract of more than 20,000 tons, a record high. The bridge board successfully entered the national key project and the largest high-speed railway station in Asia--the Beijing Fengtai High-speed Railway Station project. The new standard bridge coil plate successfully supplied the Wuhan World Military Games series guarantee project. The wear-resistant plate NM400 is issued more than 1,000 tons per month, creating a monthly record of wear-resistant plates.