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High quality steel production capacity

2019-10-21 09:19:54
In recent years, Hegang Steel has implemented the new development concept, insisted on putting environmental management and green manufacturing in the first place, promoted the high-quality development of the company, realized the high-end and green product structure, and specialized and internationalized customer structure. The market's leading and leading players have entered the first echelon of the domestic steel industry, and the whole process has achieved ultra-low emissions and led the industry's green development. Hegang Steel won the national civilized unit, the national innovative enterprise, the national greening model unit, and the national energy-saving advanced collective. It is the first batch of industrial tourism demonstration sites in Hebei Province and was selected as the second batch of “green factories” in China.
The equipment grade is large and intelligent. Hegang Steel has consistently exerted its equipment advantages, produced high-end products, promoted green manufacturing, and achieved large-scale and intelligent equipment upgrades through elimination of backwardness and technological transformation. Hegang Steel has eliminated 800,000 tons of coking capacity, 3 million tons of sintering capacity, 1.7 million tons of ironmaking capacity and 3.15 million tons of steel making capacity. It has formed a 2250mm hot rolling production line and a 2180mm cold rolling production line. Iron and steel, steel making, rolling steel to public auxiliary, environmental protection, the entire process of modern equipment cluster. Among them, 3,200 cubic meters of blast furnace of Hegang Steel was awarded the title of “Excellent Furnace” for energy saving and consumption reduction of steel production equipment in the country. The 260 ton converter was named by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the benchmark for converters of 200 tons and above.