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High quality new wear-resistant steel

2019-10-24 15:47:05
At the 12th China Iron and Steel Annual Meeting held by the China Institute of Metals on October 15th at the Beijing Convention Center, Tian Zhiling, deputy general manager of China Iron and Steel Research Group Co., Ltd. and president of the Iron and Steel Research Institute, introduced the Iron and Steel Research Institute. The related developments in the development and application of steel materials mainly involve pipeline steel, bearing steel, new wear-resistant steel, new heat-resistant steel, high-speed iron wheel steel, die steel, and ultra-high-strength steel.
In the research and development of new wear-resistant steel, the Iron and Steel Research Institute proposed a new idea of introducing multi-scale superhard TiC particles on the soft matrix to enhance the wear resistance of the alloy, and developed a series of high wear-resistant steel, which does not increase the hardness. The amplitude improves the wear resistance of steel; the unique "micron-submicron-nano" three-peak distribution characteristics of TiC particles in high-titanium wear-resistant steel are found, which reveals the mechanism of improving wear resistance and fine crystallization, and realizes the full TiC particles. The effective regulation of the process; the development of high-titanium high wear-resistant steel continuous casting-hot rolling-heat treatment key technology, the world's first high-titanium steel continuous casting industrial production with Ti content greater than 0.5%.