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Stable production of high quality low temperature pressure vessel steel

2019-10-22 09:15:15
The technical measures such as optimizing the physical and chemical parameters of the mold to protect the slag and the flow field of the crystallizer are used to further improve the performance of high-performance steels such as high-quality structural steel, ship plate steel and bridge steel. After the independent design and transformation of the continuous casting burr is put into use, The deburring rate of all steel grades has increased to over 98.5%... The achievement of these results has benefited from the “wide-and-thickness defect-free billet” leading project that has been implemented since last year by Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
The company has identified and implemented the "wide and thick sheet non-defective casting blank" leading project, and set up five project research groups for the six major types of surface quality defects and two types of internal quality defects of continuous casting billet. The technology leader leads the engineers to organize discussions and develop technical solutions on a regular basis and to use the advanced wide and thick slab caster and 5500 mm wide plate mill equipment platform to digest and absorb advanced technology, sum up practical experience and achieve self-innovation integration. Improve the level of manufacturing technology, and strive to create a wide-band non-defective product. Through nearly one year of technical research, a number of technical indicators have reached the industry's leading level, and equipment functions have been simultaneously improved.
At present, the company's wide and heavy plate production line has the ability to stably produce and supply steel-free defect-free slabs to high-performance, high-quality steel plates, high-grade pipeline steel, large container marine crack-stop steel, bridge steel, and low-temperature pressure vessels. Special high-performance steel such as steel and nuclear steel has become the brand product of Anshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. The market share and customer satisfaction have been continuously improved, which has made positive contributions to the construction of major engineering projects in China and the improvement of the manufacturing level of the industry.