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High Quality Low Alloy Steel Plate

2019-10-09 14:57:32
Less than a year after the introduction of stainless steel for nuclear power, Jiuquan successfully developed carbon steel and low-alloy steel for pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. After inspection, the performance indicators of the new products are qualified and fully meet the requirements for use.
Carbon steel and low-alloy steel plates for nuclear power plants developed by Jiuquan Steel are mainly used for the manufacture of nuclear power plant containment. The nuclear power plant containment is the last barrier to prevent the leakage of radioactive materials inside the nuclear power plant. This cylindrical reinforced concrete building with a diameter of about 40 meters and a height of about 60 meters is fully wrapped with a special steel plate of 6 mm thickness to ensure the overall safety of the safety shell. Sealability and load bearing. Because of its large size and special force form, the steel for safety containment also needs to ensure the resistance to lamellar tearing while ensuring the mechanical properties. To this end, the Jiugang Steelmaking Plant has solved a number of technical problems in smelting and rolling, which not only ensures the purity and strength of the product, but also meets the uniformity requirements.
It is understood that the entry threshold for nuclear power steel is extremely high, the production process is very strict, the quality and technical indicators are demanding, and only the chemical composition requires a number of tests. It is not only necessary to test the melting composition of each furnace steel, but also to inspect each finished steel plate. chemical composition. Last year, after solving a number of technical problems, the stainless steel products for nuclear power developed by Jiuquan Steel not only supplied directly to the already operating Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant, but also successfully supplied the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant under construction.