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New China's first high quality alloy steel seamless steel pipe

2019-10-16 16:55:49
Seamless steel tubes were scarce products in steel in the 1950s. Only the seamless steel tube units imported from the Soviet Union by Angang Seamless Steel Tube Plant can produce seamless steel tubes for boilers, while alloy steel seamless tubes were still blank in China .
In October 1958, Dalian Steel Works (now part of Northeast Special Steel Group) used China's self-designed and manufactured seamless steel tube unit to manufacture China's first high-quality alloy steel seamless steel pipe; in 1959, it also cooperated with Beijing Iron and Steel Institute (Beijing Technology). The predecessor of the university) jointly produced hot-rolled bearing steel tubes. At the same time, the cold drawing process of stainless steel seamless pipe was also successfully tested in the six sections of Dalian Steel Works Wire Workshop, and the production of alloy seamless steel pipe of Dalian Steel Plant was started.