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Hegang Chenggang's high-end hot rolled coil ratio increased by 10.32%

2019-10-15 15:12:07
In September, Hegang Steel Co., Ltd. aimed at high-end customers and high-end precision products, and promoted the research and development and production of high-end products in strict accordance with the production mode of “vanadium-fixed steel”. By adopting innovative marketing models and promoting technological innovation, the company promoted high-strength and thin. The proportion of high-end hot rolled coils such as specifications and automobile steel was 62.67%, an increase of 10.32% from the previous month, which was the best level in history, further enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of the products.
The company's innovative marketing model adopts a multi-dimensional sales approach to tap the comprehensive sales potential and improve customer service level, product research and development capabilities and product innovation capabilities. Through the implementation of the "one-pronged strategy" strategy, in accordance with the concept of regular communication, regular visits, and regular service, the company organized product engineers to provide "peer-to-peer" pre-sales, sales and after-sales services for large customers, and accumulated 36 customer visits throughout the month. Adhere to technological innovation as the starting point, give full play to the production line intelligence, information technology equipment technology, optimize the "high-strength + ultra-thin" characteristics of high-end products production process, promote the promotion of featured products, and form a high-end brand effect.
Combine the advantages of vanadium and titanium resources with the production of high-end products such as weathering steel and automobile steel, further broaden the product range, enrich product performance, meet the customized needs of high-end customers in many aspects and from multiple angles, and enhance the competitiveness of the product market. Firmly establishing customer demand is the concept of production line production standard, starting from the hot metal conditions to develop production process control methods, using vanadium strengthening and titanium strengthening technology in key steelmaking links, greatly improving product yield strength, ensuring performance to meet customer needs, all month Cumulative production includes more than 30 kinds of vanadium-containing high-end products such as S700MC and SPHETi-3, reaching 181,400 tons. The special needs of high-end customers have been efficiently realized.