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Heavy pollution warning, how to deal with the steel plate market

2019-12-16 15:56:20
The steel plate output of the steel plate market has picked up slightly, and the inventory is still in the state of inventory, but the decline is slowing down. With the acceleration of the North China South Transport, resources have gradually entered arrival at port, and the market said that resources in the southern markets such as Guangzhou have begun to increase. If it is difficult to meet and digest these resources in the later stage, the balance between supply and demand in the steel plate market will be broken in the near future.
Yesterday, 6 cities including Shijiazhuang, Hengshui, and Xingtai issued early warnings of severely polluted weather, and initiated emergency response to severely polluted weather. Among them, 5 cities were secondary response to severely polluted weather. It is estimated that in recent days, due to bad weather conditions, heavy pollution may occur in central and southern Hebei.
This news is not friendly to steel plate manufacturers. As we all know, one of the major customers of steel plate manufacturers is engineering project agents. Affected by severely polluted weather, some projects of construction units were suspended, and sales customers of steel plate manufacturers were damaged. As the peak season of traditional gold, silver, and silver gradually goes away, steel plate manufacturers must always pay attention to changes in market sentiment, seize every opportunity, and serve every customer.
Steel plate manufacturers need to pay close attention to the changes in sentiment of the steel market. If the sentiment improves temporarily, the possibility of a slight rebound after the decline is not ruled out. However, once a downward trend is formed, especially in the case of fundamental changes in supply and demand expectations, if there is no sustained and particularly good support, the pattern of weakening in the general direction of the shock will not be easily reversed.
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