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Good quality and low price is weathering steel

2019-10-28 16:35:20
In the 21st century, people are increasingly demanding buildings. In addition to being safe, durable, economical and practical, it is beautiful. Weathering steel is a good choice. In the post-industrial era, some artists have returned to the basics and began to pursue the "natural" of architecture. As a result, the brown weathering steel is full of post-modern aesthetics at the Yanqi Lake Campus of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And won the favor of the architects.
The campus has just completed the construction of such a Zhongdan Center building with the appearance of a full A588 weathering steel. This is a very modern building with a look and function. Many places use advanced technologies such as computer, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum carrier communication technology and computer intelligent information to achieve high intelligence and low energy consumption of buildings. Different from ordinary buildings, in order to achieve the efficient use of natural light, the Zhongdan Center Building does not use traditional curtains to block the sunlight, but a multi-directional woven weather-resistant steel sun screen outside the glass curtain wall, so that the entire building has a unique weather-resistant steel post-modern Exterior.
The brown color of the building is now the color of the protective layer naturally formed by the A588 weathering steel sunshade net after six years of corrosion in the air. Its color is uniform and compact, which makes people think that it is not rust, but the color of the building itself. In other parts of the building, the pine ring that hangs freely from the ceiling to the main terrazzo floor, and then to the clear water concrete spiral staircase, adheres to the principle of not carving and decorating according to the texture of the material itself. The interior and exterior of the building blend in with the tones and styles of weathering steel.
In the future, there will be more and more buildings with artistic elements, such as the China-Denmark Center of the National University of Science and Technology. Our Chinese manufacturing can't always maintain the practical level of “high quality and low price”. For multi-functional materials such as weathering steel, we should also use it to make weather-resistant steel with high added value, structure and decoration go to the world.