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Good performance carbon steel plate

2019-10-22 16:40:32
Cold plate is an abbreviation of cold-rolled steel plate, which is generally used to produce various cold-rolled products, including CR, GI, color coated plates and the like. Cold rolling is a steel sheet which is further rolled to a target thickness at room temperature under a recrystallization temperature.
We first look at the appearance and surface quality of the steel sheet, because the cold-rolled steel sheet is obtained after the cold-rolling steel sheet is cold-rolled, and the cold-rolled steel is also subjected to some surface finishing, so the surface quality of the cold plate (such as surface roughness) And so on) is better than the hot plate. Therefore, if there is a high requirement for the coating quality such as lacquering of the product.
As a name suggests, the carbon steel boiling plate is a steel plate which is hot rolled from boiling steel of ordinary carbon structural steel. Boiling steel is a kind of steel with incomplete deoxidation. The molten steel has a high oxygen content. When molten steel is injected into the ingot mold, the carbon and oxygen react to generate a large amount of gas, which is named after the molten steel is boiling. The outer layer of the boiling steel is crystallized in a boiling state, so the surface layer is pure and dense, the surface quality is good, and the processing property is good. Boiling steel does not have large concentrated shrinkage cavities, less deoxidizing agent, and low steel cost.