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Go out of the classroom and visit the modern steel mill

2019-10-17 16:11:37
On October 15th, 58 teachers and students from the third elementary school in Chaisang District of Jiujiang City went to Fangda Jiugang to carry out the educational research activities on “Exploring the charm of sea-fighting ships in modern forest steel mills”, and walked out of the classroom to enter the modern industrial ecological forest. Scenic spots, immersed in the "how to make steel", feel the practical knowledge outside the book. The students were the first to visit the steel company, each with high interest and curiosity.
At 10 o'clock in the morning, the students stepped into the spacious and bright steel culture exhibition hall in a neat and orderly manner, and a magical steel exploration tour kicked off. “Wow...” When the students saw huge real sand tables, exquisite and small steel crafts, and retro locomotives, they couldn’t help but sigh. Every item is so novel and unique in the eyes of the students. The students carefully listened to the tour guide before the real sand table, and learned about the basic situation, corporate culture and development process of Fangda Jiugang. The high social responsibility and generous welfare treatment made the students and students amazed.
Through the deep blue sky and the secluded time tunnel, the teachers and students walked into the immersive VR exhibition hall and felt the shocking scene of “how steel was made”. After reading it, the students said: "It's really shocking!" "The steel bars that originally built the house were so refined." "The steel workers are great!"...