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Forecast of steel plate and steel industry development prospects in 2020

2020-02-09 10:48:41
Note: Some information is reproduced: Hexun.com

 2020 coincides with the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" and the completion of a well-off society. Under the major economic and market changes at home and abroad, the challenges and opportunities of the Zhengzhou steel plate and steel industry coexist.  Bureau?  How to grasp the main line of high-quality development and promote the efficiency improvement of the steel plate and steel industry by means of intelligent manufacturing and big data marketing?
 Han Weidong, a senior expert at Lange Iron and Steel Network and vice president of Youfa Steel Pipe Group, delivered a keynote speech on "2020 China Steel Market Trend Preview" at the meeting, saying that the steel industry has experienced recovery, prosperity and stability since 2016, and steel production has increased from 2015.  From 800 million tons in the year to 990 million tons this year.  In 2015, 110 million tons of exports were exported. This year, more than 60 million tons will be exported. The supply of steel will increase by more than 200 million tons every year.  Such a good performance is based on the following three factors: first, economic stability, second, supply-side reform, and third, internal factors such as the upgrading of iron and steel enterprises, technological innovation, and management innovation have played a fundamental role. We  It has a very strong competitiveness in the international market in terms of both products and costs, as well as its comprehensive capabilities.
 The first is that supply-side reforms and environmental protection policies will still play an important role. It will also have a great impact on our entire industry. Starting from September this year, we must limit production to at least 40 million to 50 million tons. According to our current output,  Capacity is a good foundation for the entire operation of the steel industry next year.
 Plan ahead to deal with future excess capacity.  The capacity that has been formed now is the capacity approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In the future, there may be more than 100 million tons of capacity that have not been fully released. There are still some short-term processes that have not yet come out, which will cause huge hidden dangers in the future.  There is no new capacity. Thirty million tons of scrap steel will be added each year. Iron and steel enterprises are absolutely wise. They can turn it into steel even if they do not add an additional furnace. Therefore, this still has great hidden dangers in the future.
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