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Fire-resistant weathering steel successfully applied ski jumping platform project

2019-10-15 15:05:14
On October 6th, Shougang completed the installation of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Skiing Grand Prix Referee. The SQ345FRW, Q345GJDZ25 steel plates and supporting welding consumables and bolts developed by Shougang were guaranteed on time and delivered to ensure the ski jumping platform project. High standards, high quality and high efficiency construction.
The Shougang Ski Jump is the only snowboarding venue in the Beijing Olympics in the 2022 Winter Olympics. It is the world's first ski jumping platform for permanent retention and use. It can realize variable profiles through secondary structures for other snow projects such as aerial skills. . For large crowded venues such as the Grand Jump Judging Room, it is necessary to ensure that the steel has corrosion resistance and high fire resistance to ensure sufficient support time of the main material to ensure the evacuation of the steel, mechanical properties and welding performance of the steel. And fire resistance and weather resistance put forward extremely high requirements. In order to help build the Olympic “premium project”, Shougang Technology Research Institute, Shoujiantou, Shougang Construction, Jingtang, Guigang, Changgang and other units have jointly demonstrated the demonstration application of fire-resistant weathering steel in the Grand Jump Counter.
In the production process of 80mm thick Q345GJDZ25, the R&D team of the Technical Research Institute actively faced and faced difficulties. After many demonstrations and field tests, it took alloy baking, billet insulation, high temperature rolling and low pressure and low temperature reactor. Cold and other measures improve the qualified rate of flaw detection of steel plates; achieve dislocation strengthening by reducing the deformation temperature of the finishing rolling process to ensure the strength of the steel plate; accurately adjust various temperature parameters in production, optimize the design of alloy composition system, and adjust the steel plate into water The temperature and the final cooling temperature ensure the strength and flatness of the steel plate.
The fire resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel structure joint determine the overall structural safety. The large-scale platform referee SQ345FRW fire-resistant weather-resistant steel plate is equipped with 1000MPa-grade fire-resistant weather-resistant bolt steel. It has no successful experience at home and abroad. The R&D team independently designed the component system to solve the fire resistance matching, weather resistance and self-corrosion matching with the supporting plates, as well as harsh Anti-delay fracture resistance - no breakage for 100 hours, enabling the engineering application of bolt products. For the development and design of supporting welding consumables, the welding team of the Technical Research Institute successfully developed matching welding consumables with various performances through the design and testing of 24 components. At the same time, as the key project of Winter Olympics, Shougang has been adhering to the tenet of “Green Olympics” in all aspects of construction, incorporating the concept of green environmental protection, and adopting protective coating measures to reduce the refractory and corrosion resistance of steel plates.
In the end, the joint expert group consisting of China Academy of Building Research, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Science and Technology and other authoritative organizations demonstrated that SQ345FRW fire-resistant weathering steel, supporting bolts, welding consumables and protective coating measures fully met the ski jumping platform referee room project. Quality requirements, Shougang refractory weathering steel complete technology successfully applied to the ski jumping platform referee room project, achieving a leap from the steel plant engineering project to the international venue demonstration.