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Effective use of steel plate water to reduce steel material consumption

2019-10-17 16:18:23
In order to further reduce the production cost, the steel making plant of Longgang Steel Co., Ltd. of Steel Group actively controls the advanced steel enterprises around the standard, through process optimization, process tracking, continuous testing, and the use of molten steel surplus heat in the tapping process with the addition of quantitative high-manganese iron. The use of molten steel surplus heat and high manganese iron and manganese elements reduces alloy cost and steel material consumption.
Steel material consumption and alloy consumption cost account for more than 90% of the billet production cost. In order to reduce the consumption of steel materials and the cost of alloys, the unit has successively implemented measures to add high-manganese iron in the ladle and scrap steel buckets in the new and old districts. After the converter, the high-manganese irons are added to the chutes, and the high-manganese blocks are packed in advance. The iron is placed in the chute and added all at once in the pre-extraction of each furnace; the argon blowing time is optimized, which is extended by 2 minutes compared with the original argon blowing time to ensure that the pig iron is fully melted; the low-magnification sample is continuously taken in continuous casting to track the quality of the slab, according to the production. The actual situation continues to optimize the production process.
It is reported that through the implementation of effective measures, the steelmaking plant in September will complete 3,217 tons of high-manganese iron and reduce the consumption of steel materials by 0.4kg/t. After the addition of high manganese iron, it can play the role of deoxidation and manganese, improve the absorption rate of alloy elements, and reduce the production cost by about 3 million yuan per month.