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Do you know the cutting techniques of plate

2020-04-17 09:57:36
For those engaged in steel plate processing, steel plate welding and cutting are all basic operations, but it also requires skill to do simple basic operations. The following Zherui Steel has collected some tips for medium and heavy plate cutting, hoping to help you complete the work faster and better.
In order to ensure the integrity of cutting medium and heavy plate parts, the starting point of cutting should not be on the contour of the part. The outer contour of the part should be cut off outside the part contour. For the internal contour of the part, it should be cut within the contour of the part. For steel plates with a thickness greater than 60 mm, the preheating time for central flame cutting is set to greater than 120 seconds. Directly perforating medium-thick steel plates will shorten the service life of the cutting nozzle. In addition, the perforated slag is easy to splash on the cutting nozzle. In severe cases, it will even affect the quality of the product. Therefore, when the typesetting is feasible, it should be cut from the edge of the steel plate as much as possible, so that the above problems can be largely avoided. This job also has relatively low skill requirements for operators.
But this method is easy to cause another kind of defect, that is, it is easy to cause heat and deformation of medium and thick steel plates. In this regard, we have found through repeated experiments that the problem of heat deformation of the steel plate can be avoided through the introduction of zigzag wire cutting. This cutting method is to cut in by bending, so that the remaining material of the medium and thick steel plates creates a clamp between each other, thereby limiting the change of the medium and thick steel plates. Applying the zigzag line cutting method to the flame cutting of medium and heavy plates can improve the cutting quality of medium and heavy plates.
When cutting and typesetting, the reserve center pays more attention to the effect of cutting itself. Mainly consider the feasibility of cutting, improve material utilization and cutting efficiency. But from the perspective of the entire product processing life cycle, cutting is only one of the links. In an excellent cutting process, we must consider the factors of the next process, as a whole, and overall consideration. Therefore, for parts that need to be processed or bent after the cleaning of the slag is completed, the cutting process itself should be considered when typesetting, and the front of the cleaned parts should be placed on the side that is convenient for machining or bending operations. On the other hand, since cutting deformation cannot be completely avoided, non-machined edges must be dealt with first in typesetting.
There are many ways and methods to influence and improve the cutting quality and efficiency of plate. The above two methods have been applied in production and achieved good results. I hope that these two methods can play a role in throwing bricks and attracting jade, and can help you better improve efficiency and finished products in the process of cutting medium and heavy plates.
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