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Do you know the advantages of Hardox wear plates

2021-06-08 10:34:00
If the wear-resistant steel plate used is Hardox, you can get more effective load and longer service life, so that your equipment has a better return on investment. Hardox wear-resistant steel helps reduce weight and extend the service life of truck bodies, boxes, dump trucks, buckets, garbage trucks and other products.
Hardox wear plates were originally only used as wear plates, but later facts proved that due to the unique advantages of Hardox wear plates with high hardness and high toughness, Hardox wear steel can also be used as load-bearing parts in many applications. Using Hardox wear-resistant plates, it is possible to design a structure that has the characteristics of wear-resistant, strong and light weight at the same time. Compared with the early days, Hardox wear-resistant steel has made great progress.
Hardox wear-resistant steel plates have very good and high wear resistance, which is the key to Hardox's success. Now, it is harder and tougher than ever before, and can withstand heavy blows without permanent deformation or cracking. Hardox wear-resistant steel can resist shock, vibration, impact, scratches and punctures. This kind of steel can withstand the impact day after day and continue to work.
Hardox wear plates used in trucks, tanks or concrete mixers help reduce vehicle weight, improve fuel economy, increase legal truck loads, and even reduce vehicle size, thereby achieving more fuel-efficient effects. Because the vehicle can carry more payload. The lower empty weight also reduces fuel consumption, thereby reducing operating costs.
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