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Do you know how to cut steel plates

2020-05-05 16:00:21
Steel plate cutting is like a knife method practiced by knifemen of different schools. The methods are diverse, usually divided into cold cutting and hot cutting. In cold cutting, general shearing method or water flow cutting method is generally used; hot cutting treatment can be used, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting or laser cutting.

In the actual specific operation, we need to choose different cutting methods according to the comprehensive conditions of the thickness and material of the steel plate. The thickness of the steel plate is one of the most important factors affecting the cutting of the steel plate.
Next, Zherui Steel's professional technical team will give you a detailed introduction on how to cut steel plates of different thicknesses. We cannot fight unprepared battles, we must first understand the thickness of the steel plate before cutting. According to the different thickness, the steel plate can be divided into thin plate, medium plate and thick plate. Secondly, according to local conditions, according to different thickness of steel plate to make a good cutting plan and method in advance.
For example, when cutting into regular thin steel plates such as rectangles and triangles, you can choose a shearing machine, which not only has fast speed, but also guarantees quality and low cost. In addition to cutting with a shear, the cost of flame cutting is not high, and the operation is more flexible and free, and it can cut steel plates of different shapes. However, it is easy to cause deformation when cutting thin steel plates, the variety of cutting materials is limited, and the technical requirements are relatively higher.

Then there is laser cutting. The cost of this method is relatively higher. Because the price of a laser cutting device is higher than other devices, the cost will increase relatively. However, the precision of laser cutting is very high, which can meet the needs of some customers with high accuracy requirements. In the case of oxygenation, laser cutting can meet the steel plate thickness of 20mm.

The last is water flow cutting, which has a wide cutting range, high accuracy, not easy to deform, and is more environmentally friendly, but it is slow and consumes a lot of energy.

Zherui Steel has years of experience in steel plate sales and cutting. If you need, please contact our online customer service, we believe that: with your suggestions and help, we will do better.