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Different processing principles of corten steel cutting

2021-05-08 14:59:37
In terms of the processing principle of corten steel cutting, cutting is generally divided into two categories. One of them is hot processing and the other is cold processing. Let's take a look at these two processing principles together.
Steel plate thermal processing is the most common and most commonly used method of steel plate cutting. Because its cutting speed is very fast, it can also cut steel plates with a relatively large thickness, as well as some particularly complex graphics cutting. Thermal processing is very efficient and is often used in various machining industries.
For example, processing such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, grinding wheel cutting, etc. belong to the category of metal thermal processing. Then the next thing to talk about is cold working. Looking at the name, you can probably understand it. It refers to the small heat generated during the cutting process of the steel plate, and the thermal deformation is small, so it is called cold working. For example, water cutting, wire cutting, etc. belong to the category of cold processing.
Then after talking about the principle of steel plate cutting, what we are going to talk about now is the equipment needed for steel plate cutting. First of all, in terms of processing accuracy, laser cutting in steel plate thermal processing is the most accurate. However, the efficiency is a bit low and the cost is high. Only a small number of companies have large-scale laser cutting equipment.
Zherui Steel is a long-established company that has been engaged in the deep processing of weathering steel products for many years. It has a lot of experience and has a CNC laser cutting equipment. This will reduce customer costs and reduce customer concerns.