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Datian County A588 weathering steel green boardwalk

2020-02-23 14:20:35
Datian County is surrounded by mountains and water. From a distance, it is a beautiful mountain city. From a close view, Junxi River passes through the city. However, there is a lack of public waterfront and mountains on both sides meandering. However, the forest parks along the city have poor accessibility. The middle town The buildings are densely packed, but the space for civic activities is scarce. The weathering steel green road in Datian County is built to make cities and towns greener, increase public open space, and make cities “breathable” under the premise of tight construction land.
The Datian weathering steel green road leads into the city, and through the integration of mountain, riverside, and road resources, it forms a suburban, riverfront, and urban greenway, and organically connects nature and human landscapes to form a "field" type weathering steel greenway Network pattern. Providing an ecological and healthy livable environment for towns and surrounding residents has reshaped the landscape of Datian's landscape towns.
The weather data is used to incorporate weathering steel observation decks and weathering steel rest stations along the landscapes of "mountain and water towns, terraced valleys, and mountain woodlands." In the design part, inheriting the local culture of Daejeon, it has created a "turbo" type entrance post with regional characteristics, a weathering steel "Phoenix Valley", a cultural heritage "bench dragon" bridge, and set up toilets, lighting, and signs scientifically. Other human-friendly greenway facilities, along the line are more than 130 new plants planted by weathering steel greenways, forming a composite urban weathering steel greenway integrating fitness, recreation, ecology, education, and tourism.

Weathering steel Guanfengtai Station, red weathering steel merges with red soil. In this weathering steel building design, Datian's national-level historical and cultural protection building "tubao" is used to carry on the heritage of the local culture. The wooden grid of "virtual and real" symbolizes the earthen wall of the tubao and the symbol of "rice bucket" The lookout window of the bunker, the steel pipe forms the eaves of the bunker. Weathering steel that changes over time symbolizes Daejeon's unique "red soil" and integrates into the surrounding environment.

After the weathering steel green road is completed, it will become the favorite punching place for 100,000 county residents. Citizens will exercise, walk, run, parent-child, cool down, communicate, and view on the green road. Enterprises and institutions will conduct company group building and marathon competitions on the green road. , Association activities, class meetings, etc., is also the best place for school spring outings, plant science, outdoor study, environmental protection and other activities.