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China's Steel Consumption Will Enter The Platform Area

2019-09-10 14:29:43
In the long run, China's steel consumption will enter a platform area, and steel demand will show a steady trend. "On August 29, Luo Tiejun, vice president of China Iron and Steel Association, said at the 2nd General Meeting of Sichuan Vanadium and Titanium Steel Industry Association and Sichuan Steel Summit Forum (2019) sponsored by Sichuan Vanadium and Titanium Steel Industry Association.
Luo Tiejun pointed out that this year is the fourth year of supply-side structural reform. The steel industry has achieved very great results in the past four years, but at the same time some new problems have emerged. Since the beginning of this year, China's macroeconomic situation has been generally stable, and the steel industry's production and investment have also shown a rapid upward trend. He reminded steel companies that under the current situation, they should pay attention to grasping the consumption rhythm of the southwest market and pay attention to controlling the scale of production capacity.