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Corrosion resistance of high strength weathering bridge steel

2020-02-23 14:31:48
The strength grade and toughness of bridge steel in China are constantly improved, the welding performance is continuously improved, and the suitable thickness of steel plates is gradually increased.  Steel for railway bridges, steel for highway bridges, weathering bridge steel for cross-sea bridges have become the main body of bridge steel in China.  Complying with the development requirements of the times, high-performance weathering bridge steel will be the main direction for the development of bridge steel in China.
After research, the following conclusions are obtained: The corrosion resistance of high-strength weather-resistant bridge steel is greater than 09CuPCrNi, and its advantages will be more significant when the corrosion time is longer.
The advantages of high-strength weathering bridge steel are as follows: High-strength weathering bridge steel fully pays attention to the influence of environmental factors and weather resistance in the research results of traditional weathering steel, and compares it with appropriate proportions of weathering elements such as Cu-Cr-Ni.  The effect of internal rust layer to improve weather resistance.
At the same time, full attention is paid to the influence of chemical composition and tissue uniformity on weather resistance, and the carbon content is designed to be equal to or close to the maximum solubility of carbon in α-Fe 0.0218%. Due to the extremely low carbon content, the solid solution atom diffusion rate in the δ region is enhanced,  Conducive to homogenization of ingredients.

 The possibility of forming carbides or Fe3C in the steel is extremely small. Under proper process control, the final structure of the steel plate is a bainite structure. Compared with the traditional pearlite-ferrite steel, this steel has a better uniform structure.  It has a small electrode potential difference between tissues, which results in a significant improvement in corrosion resistance.

 Therefore, the corrosion resistance of high-strength weathering bridge steel is stronger.  Zherui Steel operates and sells weathering steel of various materials all year round, with rich experience and moderate price.  If necessary, you can contact us, welcome to come to consult.