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Correct opening method for steel plate processing

2020-02-21 11:46:44
 Steel sheet processing is a technical task, and it is not easy to make a great achievement.  Let ’s take a look with Zherui Steel to see what to do when processing steel plates.
 The first is the surface treatment of steel plates. Generally, when a steel plate reaches a steel plate cutting workshop from a steel plant through a series of steps, an oxide layer will inevitably be produced on its surface.  In addition, during the rolling process of the steel sheet, a layer of oxide scale will be generated on the surface of the steel sheet.
 These scales have high melting points and are not easy to burn and melt in the steel plate processing project, which not only increases the preheating time of steel plate cutting, but also reduces the cutting speed to a certain extent. At the same time, it oxidizes during the heating process.  The leather can fly everywhere, it is easy to block the cutting nozzle of the CNC cutting machine, reducing the life of the cutting nozzle.  Therefore, it is necessary to perform rust removal pretreatment on the surface of the steel plate to reduce the probability of thermal deformation during the steel plate cutting.
 The next step is the surface treatment before the steel sheet is cut.  The common method on the market now is to use shot blasting to prevent rust, and then spray paint to prevent the surface of the steel plate from rusting.  That is, the fine iron sand is sprayed on the surface of the steel plate by a shot blasting machine, and then the huge impact of the iron sand on the steel plate is used to remove the oxide scale attached to the steel plate, and then sprayed with flame retardant and good electrical conductivity.  Anti-rust paint to reduce the thermal deformation that occurs when cutting steel plates.
 As far as the entire steel market is concerned, when we heat-cut steel plates, the pre-treatment of rust-removing and spray-painting on the surface of steel plates is already a part that cannot be ignored in steel plate cutting and processing.  In this way, the deformation caused by hot cutting of the steel sheet can be reduced, and the efficiency of the steel sheet cutting product and the quality of the finished product can be improved.
 Zherui Steel has two large warehouses, three cranes, a set of professional roll-opening and flat-panel equipment, as well as bending, punching, shearing machines and other equipment. There are also professionals on standby 24 hours a day to provide customers with steel plates.  Delivery.  For decades, Zherui Steel has not only served 10,000 customers, but also made extensive contacts in the industry.  Only for the fastest and best completion of customer needs, to give customers the best service.