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Completed the stainless steel project

2019-10-12 16:07:36
On September 27th, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and vividly demonstrated the historic changes and achievements of the steel industry. The story of China Metallurgical and Taigang was held jointly by China Metallurgical Group and Taigang Group. Held in Taigang. Li Haiwang, Chairman of Shanxi Steel Structure Association, Shi Yanqing, Secretary General of the Party Committee of China Metallurgical Group, Zhang Lidong, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Shi Lairun, Director of Stainless Steel Equipment of Taigang, and more than 140 employees from Taigang and China Metallurgical Group attended the meeting. activity.
Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, iron and steel enterprises and construction units have not forgotten the beginnings of the iron and steel powers, and have joined hands to advance the wonderful chapter of the development of China's steel industry. As the earliest steel industry construction force in New China, MCC has a long history with TISCO. As early as the 1950s, the three projects of Taigang “High Coke”, which was built by China Metallurgical Group, were well-known throughout the country. In the new century, China Metallurgical Group and TISCO have jointly built many key projects such as Taigang's 10,000 cubic meters oxygen generator, 100 tons converter, new 1.5 million tons of stainless steel project and Taiyuan Yuanjiacun iron mine, many of which have become domestic. The most representative of the highest level of metallurgical industry construction at that time.
Shi Lairun said in his speech that the development and progress of TISCO Group cannot be separated from the support of construction units such as MCC Group. Today, the old and new friends of MCC Group came to Taigang, and we will relive the touching story of China Metallurgy's united struggle and hard work. This is a rare opportunity for us to receive education from the majority of Taigang employees. We should take this event as an opportunity to further deepen the cooperation and cooperation between TISCO Group and MCC Group, further inherit the fine traditions, deepen the traditional friendship, and march forward together in the new era and new journey to achieve common development and create more glorious future.
At the meeting, the employees of MCC Group spoke passionately and telling one story after another, vividly reappearing the tradition of the founders of China Metallurgical Group and Taigang to carry forward the "brothers and comrades-in-arms" and go all out to high standards and high standards. The legendary course of quality promotion project construction has aroused strong resonance among the audience, and won warm applause.