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Car high-strength steel plate, cardboard, you said who gave you the gall

2019-11-25 14:04:52
The replacement of the high-strength steel plate of the car with cardboard has been replaced by the recent Lexus. Recently, the car evaluation program hosted by Xiao Qiang, the first brand news host of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, has ignited the entire automotive industry.
I believe that many consumers still believe in the idea of "one point for one price", but sometimes it does not work in the automotive industry. In order to obtain high profits, some car manufacturers who are eager to smoke have sold high prices while still reducing the distribution. They not only made the garment factory garbage into soundproof cotton, but even reduced the high-strength steel plate of the automobile into cardboard, which made people stunned.
The price of the Lexus NX200 front-sale sedan is 2.5 times higher than that of the original imported car. The material is not as good as the domestically-owned brand, which makes many people unexpected. Of course, a brand known as a luxury car can integrate the cost reduction technology of the automotive industry and replace high-strength boards with cardboard, which is also amazing.
Manufacturers reduce the engine under the guard plate (half block), reduce the wheel bracket material before and after the reduction, reduce the fuel tank material, partially reduce the exhaust pipe insulation aluminum plate, reduce the door hinge, reduce the door manufacturing process, the door uses the garment factory garbage Soundproof cotton, cab carpet under the garment factory garbage insulation cotton, reduced rear seat steel plate, reduced reversing radar, reduced seat material, reduced gearbox grade...
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