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Buy steel plate selected Zherui Steel

2020-04-22 15:42:51
Whether it is bridge engineering or machinery manufacturing, we can always see the figure of steel plates. As the demand for steel plates is increasing, the market is in short supply, and the prices of steel plates continue to rise. This is reminding us to cut steel plates. Time is not to be wasted and every inch of steel plate is saved, so what should we do in real life?
First of all, for steel plate cutting, we have to follow a series of processes: first of all, we must check the model, specifications and surface quality of the steel plate when blanking, and we can blank after confirming. Before cutting, check that the equipment and tools of the gas cutting system are normal and can only be operated under safe conditions. When cutting steel plates, the distance between the ends of one side of the steel plate and the guide rail needs to be adjusted to hang the steel plate to the gas cutting platform. In the cutting process, adjust the distance of the cutting gun, determine the amount of trailing drag, and consider the slit compensation. When cutting steel plates, the length of the gas cutting air flow exceeds one third of the thickness of the workpiece, so that the edges of the parts are heated evenly.
In the actual manufacturing process, even if the specific steel plate cutting steps are followed, it is inevitable that there will be waste. As a review of whether the problematic parts can continue to be used in quality control, it will also greatly affect the use of materials Rate, due to cutting defects, program errors,
The quality problems caused by the wrong use of the plate will seriously affect the utilization rate of the plate. Therefore, for product quality control, improving the cutting quality of parts and avoiding batch quality accidents are also another important aspect of improving material utilization. According to historical experience and lessons, the major quality accidents that may occur in the blanking process are board Thickness is used in error, so it is necessary to check the thickness before cutting.

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