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Steel Plate Industry Weathering Steel A588 Gr.A Industry Docking

2019-09-24 13:01:53
The industrial alliance also extends to the upstream of the weathering steel industry chain, with specific projects as the specific focus, broaden the A588 Gr.A cooperation field, increase the cooperation of A588 Gr.B, and enhance the cooperation results. Steel Resources Investment Development Co., Ltd., a steel resource comprehensive utilization base mainly based on scrap collection, processing and trade, was established in June this year. Xianggang holds 51% and Xiangtan County holds 49%. It is expected to be officially put into operation at the end of this year. The annual processing capacity of scrap steel is 500,000 tons, and the trade volume of scrap steel is 1 million tons. The person in charge of Xianggang International Trade Co., Ltd. said in an interview with the reporter of China Metallurgical News that for Xiangtan Iron and Steel, this base will strengthen the supply and supply capacity of scrap steel resources. Through the processing and distribution of the base, the quality of scrap steel will be effectively controlled and reduced. The comprehensive cost of scrap procurement will also become a new benefit growth point for the Xianggang Group's industry. With this project, Xiangtan County can not only cultivate tax sources, increase tax revenues and operating income, but also enjoy the state's dividends on encouraging policies. At the same time, the Xianggang project has entered the newly developed Yanghe Industrial Park in Xiangtan County, which has a strong demonstration and leading role.