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Reproduction of 2 million tons of iron and shipbuilding steel

2019-09-23 18:05:36
Wanteng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Jianlong Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and the landing of Setipu Project provide strong support for the social stability and high-quality development of Wuhai. The Party committees and governments at all levels in the autonomous region and Wuhai Municipality should do a good job in the construction of the project and the development of enterprises, so as to create a good environment for the development of enterprises. On September 18, Bu Xiaolin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and chairman of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, attended the ceremony for the resumption of 2 million tons of steel production at Wanteng Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in Jianlong, Inner Mongolia and the commencement of the Seth Po Project in Inner Mongolia.