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The World's Largest Span Steel Box

2019-09-19 19:14:13
According to Zhongxin.com, 28 large trucks with a load of 35 tons slowly sailed on the Yangtze River Highway Bridge in the early morning of the 10th, and began the load test before the steel box truss thrust arch bridge was opened. It is understood that the load test is the last "quality inspection" before the bridge is opened. The purpose is to test the force of the bridge under the design load conditions to determine whether the bridge meets the design standards and has the opening conditions. The Zigui Yangtze River Highway Bridge is located at the Baojianxia Gorge of Zigui Bingshu. The bridge is 883.2 meters long and the bridge deck is 32.3 meters wide. It is a project consisting of several large bridges, tunnels and large landslides. The main bridge spans the Yangtze River and the attached bridge. Crossing the Xiangxi River, it is also the world's largest span steel box truss thrust arch bridge.