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Boiler Steel No. 1 first hoisted successfully

2019-10-21 08:46:09
On October 16, the steel frame of Unit 1 of the Indian Gunda Coal-fired Power Plant Boiler, which was built by China Metallurgical (Shanghai) Steel Structure Technology Co., Ltd., was held under the witness of Adani owners and the general contractor.
The project is one of the major energy cooperation projects between India and Bangladesh. The power station is located in the Gunda area of ​​Jharkhand, India. It is about 45 kilometers from the nearest train station Hansdih and will supply electricity to Bangladesh through dedicated transmission lines. The company undertakes the design and manufacture of boiler steel structure construction for coal-fired power station project. The number of equipment is two. The boiler type is supercritical parameter, spiral furnace, one intermediate reheat, balanced ventilation, wet slag discharge, all steel frame, open-air arrangement π. Type boiler. The total amount of engineering is about 20,000 tons. The steel structure processing range includes boiler steel structure node calculation, factory detailed drawing, material procurement, processing, painting, Shanghai port board delivery, special tools and high-strength bolts.
This project is also a key overseas project of China Metallurgical Steel Structure. From the procurement of raw materials to the processing, processing and production, to the ground transportation and shipping of the components, the first pillars of the site have been successfully hoisted, and each link has condensed all employees of MCC Steel. Hard sweat. MCC Steel will continue to implement various management regulations and make persistent efforts to create quality projects.