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Basic classification of pressure vessels

2019-10-19 17:28:26
The service areas of pressure vessels are basically four categories, namely chemical and petrochemical, refining, electric power and alternative energy (nuclear power and coal gasification and liquefaction), among which petroleum (chemical, oil and gas)-based petrochemicals account for The largest proportion. The demand for pressure vessels in the other three major sectors directly in the energy industry is also rapidly increasing. Modern pressure vessels have developed into aerospace, aerospace, solar power, high-energy physics, marine development, and meteorological research.
In China, the petrochemical and refining industries have developed rapidly in recent years, and the container manufacturing industry has also risen rapidly. Except for the boiler and chemical machinery factories, which mainly produce plate-welding containers, the first heavy machine factory was manufactured in 1988. The first Cr2.25Mo steel forged welded structure hot wall hydrogenation reactor. In 1991, Shanghai Heavy Machinery Plant and Shanghai Boiler Co., Ltd. jointly produced a large-scale reactor with the same type of 560 tons of helium. The core container of the A508-3 steel forged welded structure is also in production.