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Hebei Steel Co., Ltd. Automotive Steel QP980

2019-10-29 15:35:18
On October 22, Hegang Steel Co., Ltd. specially designed a 60-ton automotive steel QP980 specially designed for customers. It was successfully delivered to a well-known automobile manufacturing enterprise in China and will be used to manufacture automobile rear door anti-collision bars.
It is known that QP steel is a typical representative of the third-generation automotive steel. It has the characteristics of high strength and high plasticity. It has unique multi-organization control and specific process paths. The process control range is narrow and the production is extremely challenging. In recent years, major steel companies around the world have increased their research and development progress on QP steel. Hegang Steel is no exception, constantly improving the production process of ultra-high-strength steel products.
In the process of research and development, the Hegang Automotive R&D team conducted a detailed analysis of the strong plastic theory and technical difficulties of the third-generation automobile steel, and combined with the actual production situation of the company's continuous production line and QP high-strength automobile panels, and researched and developed special production. The process plan and preventive measures ensure that the surface quality, strength and elongation of the off-line products meet the requirements, and explore a development path suitable for the existing production line of Hegang Steel.