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Attention should be paid when cutting medium and heavy plates

2020-04-28 14:23:27
When cutting medium and heavy plates, what kind of cutting method is appropriate?
Because the cost of flame cutting equipment is not very high, its economic performance is good in the cutting of medium and thick plates, but when cutting thin plates, it does not show its advantages, because the impact of this cutting method will cause large thermal deformation. Therefore, in the cutting of medium and heavy plates, if processing thicker plates, it is more appropriate to use flame cutting.

Why do you need to polish after cutting the plate?
The reason for cutting the free edge of the medium and heavy plate cutting process is to prepare for the next process and improve the aesthetics of the product. In addition, through the operation of grinding, the oxide scale and burrs on the workpiece can also be removed, which can also improve the welding quality.
If the laser cutting is used for the cutting of medium and heavy plates?
Cutting of medium and heavy plates is to cut and mark first, and then cut. In the cutting process of medium and heavy plates, if the cutting method is laser cutting, the upper limit of the thickness of the steel plate is 20mm. If the thickness of the medium plate is more than 20mm, then flame cutting is used, and the thin stainless steel plate is Plasma cutting is used. In addition, if the cutting requirements are relatively high, laser cutting can be used.

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