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Applications Of Weathering Steel From Zherui Steel By Joyce

2021-03-15 14:50:43
Weathering steel's atmospheric corrosion resistance allows it to be unpainted in many structural and architectural applications (such as Bridges and open frame buildings).However, there are several little-known ways to use weathering steel and take advantage of its strength, durability and corrosion resistance as well as its aesthetic appearance.
Henan Zherui Steel Company summed up the use of six kinds of weathering steel
1. Landscape and garden design: From weathering steel landscape trim to flower boxes, there are many ways to use weathering steel to shape and beautify outdoor Spaces. In fact, the Wall Street Journal recently listed COR-ten as a major trend in garden design.
2. Rainwater Management: The Central Steel Service recently provided materials for a school rainwater management system in California. In this particular project, the system was molded using Corten steel flower boxes and panels. Weathering steel retaining walls are another effective way to manage rainwater.
3. Roofing and siding: Weathering steel corrugated panels and profile panels manufactured by ASTM A606-4 and A588 are commonly used for roofing and building facades. For example, the office building of The Central Steel Company is made of weather-resistant steel. The facade of the building is made of ASTM A606-4 corrugated panels and floor panels.
4. Road posts: The service life of corten steel post is 30 years longer than that of ordinary steel bar, because they will form protective verdigris. Plus, they look great in nature! Weathered steel posts are commonly used for traffic signs and vineyard end posts.
5. Safety solution: Weathering steel works well in safety applications including doors, fences and bollards. As with other weathering steel applications, the rusty patina will be fully integrated over time in outdoor Spaces such as playgrounds, parks, farms and vineyards.
6. Outdoor sculpture: Weathering steel is increasingly used in outdoor sculpture. Sculptors can use the corrosion resistance, usability, machinability and appearance of weathering steel to create many eye-catching works of art.