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Application of corten steel plate in plastic arts

2021-04-27 15:15:47
Corten steel plates are different from ordinary thick steel plates. After the corten steel plates cause rust, the layer of rust is tightly attached to the surface of the plate like a high-density air oxide film, thereby preventing further air oxidation of the stainless steel plate. In recent years, corten steel plates have also been widely used in some plastic arts industries. People follow the weather-resistant steel manufacturers to learn about it.
The aesthetics of weathering steel plates in modern sculptures has promoted the use of such raw materials in landscape planning. Corten steel plates have personally experienced the entire process of industrialized production of artificial service creation and its natural effects, and then produced industrial production memory, time memory, plastic arts and high-tech situations. This kind of situation is expressed in many aspects in landscape planning, reflecting the strong culture, art and artistic aesthetics, and also has the use value of engineering projects.
In addition, weathering steel has distinctive shape characteristics and main performance characteristics. There is no doubt that the application of weathering steel plates in landscape planning has been greatly improved. Correctly guided the change of the people's aesthetic concept and the emphasis on historical time has a very active effect.
The fusion of weathering steel plate, laminated glass, water flow and marble can produce very strong practical effects. It is a very good way to integrate anticorrosive wood flooring with concrete and its riprap fusion. It can blend with less smooth materials, looks calm, blends with meticulous raw materials, looks thick, and blends with cold materials to feel warm.
The rust of the weathering steel plate will be transformed into a different color tone with the change of time. This layer of color tone is relatively simple. After being combined with nature or green ecology, it is not easy to have more prominent or jerky. Weathering steel is used as a plastic art reflection in engineering buildings, landscape gardens, etc. Not only is it less harmful to the surrounding green ecology, but also has the advantage of improving the sense of hierarchy for engineering buildings.