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About grades of weathering steel

2020-01-06 10:37:10
Weathering steel plates are often used in building exterior finishes as cut-out flat plates, and they are also bent into box-type panels. Of course, weathering steel plates can also be perforated and numerically engraved as other metals to form various air-through effects. . The teaching center / department of trade / mensa building group of the Vienna University of Economics / Perforated weathering steel plate The construction method of the perforated weathering steel plate is often similar to other types of metal plate curtain walls (non-thin-plate type), usually with exposed bolts (rivets). Method, dry-hanging method of back-welded ribs, dry-hanging method of box block plate, etc.
Considering the flatness and durability of the weather-resistant steel plate, the thickness of the steel plate in the design is better than 3mm (the rigidity of the box-type plate can be thinner, such as 1.5mm). In important high-level projects, the thickness of the steel plate should be appropriately increased ( For example, a steel plate with a thickness of 6 ~ 10 ~ 15mm is used.), Low-grade weathering steels such as Q235NH, Q355NH, middle-grade weathering steels include B480, SPAH, etc., high-grade weathering steels include 09CuPCrNi-A (Q345GNHL), with G Usually means high weathering steel.
Generally speaking, high-grade weathering steel can be used instead of low-grade weathering steel; 2. Corrosion decoration use: used for rusty decoration of garden landscape, door curtain wall, sculpture, etc. Note: Weathering steel used for decoration does not require high grade , Usually the content of several precious metal elements such as CU, NI, CR can meet the application, and the service life is high or the use environment is very harsh (coastal, humid), please be sure to sample the steel plate! Regarding the rust layer and color of weathering steel, whether it is indoor or outdoor, please see previous articles of zherui steel.
China's weathering steel started late, but with the rapid development of the national economy, the application of weathering steel has attracted great attention from relevant domestic departments. Therefore, the research and development and upgrading of weathering steel and its corrosion resistance are of great practical significance and are also conducive to Promote the upgrading of the product structure of the steel industry.
Weathering steel has good resistance to atmospheric corrosion. Although the initial investment cost of weathering steel is slightly higher than that of ordinary carbon steel, compared with methods such as spraying anticorrosive coating on the surface of ordinary carbon steel, the later maintenance costs of ordinary carbon steel are weathering steel. 1.5-2 times. Therefore, weathering steel can reduce environmental pollution and is a key promotion technology for energy saving and emission reduction. Most domestic weathering steels are painted and used, and their original intentions of coating-free and "rust-proof" have not been exerted to a large extent.