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A588 Weathering Board Terminal Demand Strength Weakened

2019-10-08 14:44:42
As autumn and winter approach, air pollution control in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and surrounding areas will enter a key period. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has released a message recently, and the A588 weather-resistant board is in the autumn and winter this year, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas, comprehensive measures for comprehensive control of air pollution are seeking advice. The plan firmly opposes “one size fits all” and does not involve mandatory peak production and large-scale suspension of production. A588 weather-resistant board makes the autumn and winter attacking action and the large-scale suspension of production equal to the number is out of nothing, not in line with reality; the capital market heats down, the futures fell sharply after a large fluctuation, the impact on the weathering board was weakened; the social inventory fell The demand strength of weather-resistant panels is weakened; steel mills are forced to cut prices and the overall cost of raw materials is adjusted back.
On the whole, the current contradiction between supply and demand in the market is not obvious, but there are variables at both the supply side and the demand side. Supply: Last week, the steel mills repaired less, the steel mill operating rate rose slightly, so the output increased. This week, Tangshan and even the entire Hebei region tightened air pollution control, limited production and production stopped, and the supply end is expected to decline slightly. Demand: The direct supply terminal of A588 weather-resistant steel mill was restored due to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the outbound situation has improved. Considering that the merchants prepare the warehouse in advance before the National Day holiday, the rigid demand is still expected to be released.
Recently, due to the impact of macro news, futures fell sharply, and the panic sentiment in the weather-resistant market intensified. In the past three days, the market fell by more than 100 yuan/ton, and traders experienced a sharp decline. Near the weekend, according to the market rules, the downstream terminal procurement enthusiasm should be strong, but the market transactions are still light, according to the site feedback, the purchase volume will be relatively large next week, but feel that the weathering board prices will continue to decline the decline slightly, prepare for the next Focus on purchasing in the last three days of the week.