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A572GR50 Low Alloy Steel With Large Inventory

2019-10-09 14:59:44
Since the beginning of this year, Hegang Steel Continuous Casting and Rolling Mill has strictly followed the company's requirements, guided by marketization, and rationally arranged production organization in combination with the production line, focusing on thin specification expansion, variety structure adjustment, high profit and high value-added steel. While focusing on the above-mentioned key tasks and creating greater benefits, we will unswervingly promote the re-optimization of customer structure and product structure, promote the product brand image, and strive to create a competitive advantage in the CSP production line market.
The plant adjusts the product structure in a timely manner in combination with market demand and CSP process characteristics, and actively promotes high-alloy steel, automotive steel, and heat-based high-strength galvanized steel. Focusing on the demand for steel in the surrounding market, the company focused on strengthening the production organization of low-alloy high-strength structural steel. In May, it produced a total of 37,300 tons of low-alloy steel of A572GR50, and the proportion of high-end steel of commercial grades reached 97.4%. Since the beginning of this year, the plant has completed the requirements of the company's specifications for efficiency and limit specifications, and completed the SPHC grade 1.6 mm specification, pickling automotive structural steel SAPH thickness 1.6 mm limit specification and high-strength galvanized D44 wide section 1.8 mm limit specification batch rolling system. The amount of thin gauge is obvious, and the output of products under 2.0 mm is 9255 tons.
With the goal of realizing the company's product price increase and maximizing benefits, the plant fully promotes the market-oriented mechanism, refines the accounting unit, activates the internal market, optimizes resource allocation, and further enhances the cadre workers' market awareness and innovation awareness. The three market-oriented promotion working groups of the factory actively carry out the work. The market development team visits the customers and takes the initiative to understand the customer needs in the market. The process technology team relies on the technical support of professional talents to carry out research on the technical problems in actual production and continuously improve the physical products. Quality; equipment support team strictly carries out equipment maintenance in accordance with TPM requirements, and completes the transition from equipment maintenance to equipment prevention.