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A group of high-strength bridge steel assisted railway box girder cable-stayed bridge

2019-11-04 09:52:47
In the second half of the year, 3,080 tons of low-yield ratio special high-performance bridge steel plates produced by Hegang Wugang were successfully sent to users. These high-performance bridge steel plates will be applied to the cable-stayed bridge with the largest span of railway steel box in China. Construction of key parts of the bridge.
The design of the Liyuzhou Yangtze River Bridge is 3.537 kilometers, the main bridge span is 672 meters, and the design speed is 350 kilometers per hour. It is the key control project of the Anjiu Railway and the railway beam with the largest number of lines and the largest load in China. The cable-stayed bridge has the characteristics of large volume and complicated structure, and many design indicators have reached the highest level of high-speed railway bridges. In addition to meeting the conventional national standards, the steel used in key parts of the Liyuzhou Yangtze River Bridge also imposes many additional requirements on the yield ratio, yield strength and tensile strength fluctuation range of the steel plate.
To this end, Hegang Wugang aimed at the special needs of customers, seized the opportunity, opened the "Shuyuzhou Yangtze River Bridge small micro team" innovation mechanism, and developed a special process plan. In the production process, the small micro team achieved the stability of the internal quality of the steel plate by precisely controlling the steelmaking composition; overcoming the technical problems of the rolling mill rolling and the final rolling conditions on the strength of the steel plate, so that the yield strength of the steel plate is compared with the general bridge of the industry. The average steel level is 0.15, which makes the yield strength and tensile strength of the steel plate reach the upper limit on the basis of meeting the national standard, and so on. It has been verified that the low-yield ratio high-performance bridge steel quality indicators developed by Hegang Wugang fully meet the special requirements of customers and are delivered 3 days in advance.
After the completion of the Liyuzhou Yangtze River Bridge, it will become one of the important transportation infrastructures along the Yangtze River Economic Circle. It will greatly promote the development of the two regional economic belts of the Lancang Economic Belt and the Poyang Lake Economic Circle, and will drive along the line. The urbanization process, the development of tourism resources along the line and economic development are of great significance.