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Zherui Steel summarized the work in the next quarter of 2021

2021-05-08 15:15:41
Zherui Steel held a meeting on the work direction and improvement of work efficiency in the next quarter of 2021. We want to summarize the company's production and transaction value in the last quarter of 2021. Use this as a basis to analyze the situation and tasks of the next stage, and deploy and arrange key tasks for the next stage.
The business department, operation department and purchasing department of Zherui Steel participated in the meeting. Procurement can accurately express the shipment situation of the goods in the previous quarter, and operation can express the data situation of the platform very well. For business, it is necessary to express the situation of the customer.
The meeting expressed the focus on strengthening the safety production management and issues such as production and shipment at the factory, and everything is carried out on the premise of safety. The second is to strengthen customer tracking and follow-up. Because the cycle of weathering steel is relatively long, it needs to follow up with customers a lot.
All members should promote and complete their own work based on facts, and carry out task decomposition and process control in conjunction with meeting tasks. Everyone must go all out to promote the "double half-and-half" in the first half of the year and ensure the completion of the annual goals and tasks.
Leaders must continue to follow up on incentives and constraints, and encourage all employees to improve quality and increase benefits. The above is the main content and goals of this meeting.