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Zherui Steel provides professional training for employees

2020-02-17 12:47:55
What is learning? First of all, for ourselves, learning is an investment, a growth, and a way of adding value. For us as employees, Zherui steel has invited professional lecturers to train our employees and  It is a kind of welfare.
 Zherui Steel, in order to make the company team more professional, we always invite professional lecturers in the foreign trade industry to provide professional training for directors and employees of various departments in our company.  In the teacher's training class, our employees learned a lot. For us, we also have a lot of things in various departments that are worth learning.
 For our company's business department, the business department mainly sells weathering steel plates, marine steel plates, low-alloy high-strength steel plates, etc. The market is so large. So how do we get customers to come to our company to buy steel plates?  What attracts customers? The teacher said in the class that our cooperation with customers is actually an exchange of values ​​between the two parties. We must provide value to customers.
 What is the value that Zherui Steel can provide to customers? First of all, we have a good service attitude, everything is customer-centric, consider the problem from the perspective of the customer, anxious the customer, think what the customer thinks; second  The steel plates of Zherui Steel are purchased from Anshan Iron and Steel, Handan Iron and Steel, etc. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are guaranteed, and our company has a two-level flattened flat plate for roughing and finishing mills.
 Our company has stock warehouses with complete specifications and thickness steel plates.  For the company's warehouse employees, they should be result-oriented when working. For example, the driver pulls the steel plate. For them, they load the complete steel plate into the car and let the driver deliver the goods to the customer as soon as possible. This is the result.  And their attitude towards work, duties and tasks, etc., are not equal to the result.  Finally, for the company as a whole, improving the professionalism of employees and standardizing the institutionalization and systemization of the company are conducive to improving the overall development level of the company.
 Finally, I am very grateful to the teacher for training our company employees, and I believe that Zherui Iron and Steel Company will develop better and better.
 Henan Zherui Iron and Steel Trading Co., Ltd. operates hot-rolled coils, weathering plates, bridge plates, high-strength plates, etc., with an annual inventory of 8,000 tons, to meet the needs of different engineering projects, machinery and equipment processing, various profiles, pipes, and steel structure processing materials.