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Zherui Steel Processing strictly controls quality

2020-05-04 16:44:29
Now in the steel plate processing industry, product quality is fundamental to the survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises that cannot guarantee product quality will inevitably be eliminated. Since its establishment, Zherui Steel Processing has put product quality at the core position, and steel plate processing products have won the trust of our customers.
The quality of steel plate processing products starts from the selection of raw materials. The quality of steel plate materials is the basis of the quality of steel plate processing parts. Only qualified ones can process high-quality products. Steel plate processing generally starts from steel plate cutting, and the quality of steel plate cutting is closely related to the utilization rate of materials and the cost of consumables.
Good steel plate cutting parts only need to remove the surrounding burrs and iron slag to proceed to the next steel plate processing process. If the steel plate is cut out, it needs subsequent grinding and correction of the steel plate processing process, which greatly increases the investment of human resources. Equipment losses such as grinding wheel blades and angle grinder damage are also greatly increased, and even waste products may be generated. Steel plate cutting is the first process of steel plate processing, always pay attention to, the quality must be well controlled.

Zherui Steel's processing starts from the quality of the steel plate cutting, and the follow-up process is tracked and inspected to ensure the quality assurance of the steel plate processed parts produced. It is Zherui Steel's steel plate processing quality lifeline criterion that has won the trust of customers, and word-of-mouth communication has brought more customers.