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Customers actively purchase a piece of prosperity - Zherui Steel Plate Manufacture

2019-11-04 09:39:39
It is expected that the steel plate market price will remain consolidated in the short term, and attention should be paid to the implementation of production limits and inventory accumulation. At present, 40 steel plate manufacturers in Zhengzhou are keeping a close eye on it. Hot rolled and cold rolled steel sheets in Henan are steadily rising. This week, the inventory of major Zhengzhou steel plate manufacturers showed a downward trend. Although the demand for steel plates in the near future is not strong, there are not many new resources coming, and the supply and demand of 40 steel plate production enterprises are in balance. Overall, steel plate producer prices are expected to fluctuate next week.
At the end of October, steel prices of steel plate producers have been rising in the recent off-season. The North China mid-board market showed a slight increase. The Zhengzhou steel plate market is generally optimistic. During this period, the trend of related futures has declined. The spot of Zhengzhou steel plate manufacturers is still relatively strong. The main reason is that the contradiction between supply and demand is constantly weakening. At present, the inventory of 40 steel plate production units is under pressure. The continued decline has played an important role in easing market pressure.
Most of the steel plate market price has increased, and the turnover of steel plate manufacturers is also acceptable. As the air supply port burned through, it caught fire. Although the incident was not serious, the fire of the Rizhao blast furnace also caused a great impact on the steel ring caused by the blast furnace incident of the last production enterprise, which made the steel plate of Zhengzhou steel plate production enterprise with higher vibration running higher, thus strengthening the high price operation of the spot. .
On the other hand, even without the constraints of environmental protection, the demand in the north will gradually weaken over time. With the gradual advancement of southern steel plate production enterprises, it will also affect the active and stable spot prices of coastal cities in South China. With the increase of resources, the rapid delivery of Zhengzhou steel plate manufacturers is currently the main business idea. Overall, the national base steel producers' base prices have risen this week. It is expected that the major steel plate producers in the North Sea will continue to fluctuate at high levels next week.