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Zherui Steel Plate Company Held A Fun Event To Welcome The National Day

2019-10-08 14:42:05
In order to welcome the "11th National Day" and further enhance the cohesiveness of employees, Zherui Iron & Steel Plate Co., Ltd. launched a fun event with the theme of "Welcome National Day" on 9.30, and all employees of the company participated in the event.
The colorful fun activities kicked off and the employees joined in. The atmosphere was very warm. In the first tug-of-war competition, the game was on the hot trend. The slogan "12, 2" is endless. The atmosphere of the event quickly became more and more fun. After that, the fun games of "four people, three feet" and "paper cup water", which tested the team's cooperation, were launched. The activities of Zherui Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. were full of joyful laughter.
After the intense game, everyone had a self-service barbecue, shared homemade food with each other, talked freely, exchanged work experience, shared life fun, and shared friendship.
The activities of Zherui Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. combine fun and entertainment into one, which not only relaxes the mood after work, relieves work pressure, enriches everyone's spare time, but also enhances; the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, exchanges feelings, Feel the festive atmosphere in advance, so that all employees can truly feel that Zherui Steel Plate Company is more like a big family full of happiness and warmth.