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Zherui Steel Company shares the weathering steel plate welding steps

2019-10-10 15:02:25
Unlike plain carbon steel, weathering steel has good corrosion resistance. In severe weather such as acid rain, many buildings begin to show varying degrees of corrosion, which affects not only the buildings but also the people inside the buildings. At the same time, it also brings some security risks. The weather resistance of the steel bars during construction also slows down the corrosion of the building and has achieved good application results.
Let's take a look at the weathering steel welding in the factory today to see what the weathering steel plate is. Grooves in the welds of weathering steel sheets and stainless steel sheets are separately processed. After polishing to remove the dirt around the groove, the groove of the high-grade steel plate is paired with the groove of the stainless steel plate to form a weld zone. The non-pulsating solder is used to weld a weld zone formed between the high weathering steel plate and the stainless steel plate, and a primer layer is formed on the lower portion of the weld zone. Non-pulsating solder is used to cover the upper surface of the weld layer in the weld zone to form a cover layer in the weld zone. By welding weather-resistant steel sheets and stainless steel sheets at low currents and voltages, the heat of the weathering steel and stainless steel is reduced during the welding process, the melting rate is effectively reduced by two plates, and weathering steel and stainless steel are produced. It can be more completely fused to improve the weldability of the weld. The above is the weathering steel welding process.