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Why is the wear plate suitable for higher areas?

2019-10-10 15:07:12
The wear plate is a wearable plate that can be bent and welded, and can be applied to fields requiring higher wear resistance. The imported 500 steel plate has a typical hardness of 500 HBW and is thus able to withstand severe wear. It is ideal for working in highly abrasive environments such as high strength ores and corrosive materials.
Imported 550 is a wear-resistant steel plate with an average hardness of HBW500. Its toughness is the same as that of imported 500 and is used in high-wear applications. It is primarily intended for users and manufacturers of high manganese steel castings or wear resistant steel plates with a Brinell hardness of 500. When upgrading from imported 500 steel plates to this product, the Brinell hardness is increased by 50 units, and the wear life is extended without losing the toughness of the steel plate.
Import 600 is the world's hardest wear-resistant steel plate with a hardness value of HBW600. It is generally used in applications where wear is extremely severe and is mainly used to replace cast steel, chrome cast iron and case hardened metals. Despite its high hardness, we are able to machine, weld and cut it. Although the hardness of the inlet 600 is very high, it still has a relatively high impact toughness.
The imported HiTuf is a wear-resistant steel plate with extremely high toughness and its crack resistance is very good. The imported HiTuf has an average hardness of HBW350 and is mainly used for important parts that require extremely high wear and crack resistance.