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Why is it better to choose Zherui Steel for paving steel

2020-04-07 09:42:34
Diversity of paving steel plate specifications
The use of steel plate is very convenient, because the cross section of the steel plate has its own characteristics and can be easily driven into the ground, which can improve the efficiency of the project. When we choose to buy paving slabs, we should first determine what specifications are required for our engineering project. Although the use of steel plates is very convenient, many problems can still occur if the right steel plates are not used. One of the best ways to save trouble is to be more careful when choosing the size of the steel plate, determine the size of the steel plate you need, and then choose the manufacturer.

Zherui Iron & Steel has a long-term production of steel plates required for wholesale engineering projects, with a variety of specifications, tailor-made for engineering pavement steel plates. Common specifications are 12 * 2000, 14 * 2000, 14 * 2200, 16 * 2200, etc. There are professional Kaiping processing machines that can process any length according to customer requirements.

Thickness of paving steel plate
In terms of paving steel plate thickness, many people think that the thicker the steel plate, the stronger and more durable. In fact, the thickness of the steel plate depends on its own standards. Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the road repairing steel plate is between 2.5 and 12MM, and the total width is usually between 600MM and 2200MM. A difference of 50mm is one grade. So when you pay a higher price for a thicker steel plate, you don't necessarily use your own engineering project.

Zherui Steel has an experienced business team and customer service staff. Since its establishment, it has served countless customers and won praises from customers. Here we can answer various difficult questions about paving steel plates in detail for us.

Overall design of paving steel plate
The most important thing in overall design is to look at the overall flatness. Here it must be distinguished from the pattern steel plate category. The paving steel plate can be roughly divided into two types: the pattern paving steel plate and the flat pattern steel plate. Checking whether the flatness is good depends on whether there are scars, bubbles, and cracks in the areas except the pattern steel plate, and whether the edge area is If there is a layering situation, do not buy if the layering is severe.

Zherui Steel uses a double leveling machine to flatten the steel coil after two rough pressings and precision pressings. The flatness is better than similar products on the market, and there will be no cracks or bubbles. The above is my comprehensive analysis from the thickness, specifications, quality, and practicability. How to choose a steel plate is better, and which one is better to buy a steel plate. You can refer to Zherui Steel's paving steel plate for comparison and selection.